Buffalo Hunters - a hunting movie like no other

"Buffalo Hunters" is a series of films which puts the hunter in the focus of the story. The movie shows their emotions and perspectives, their effort, exhaustion, resignation, hope and after an unforgettable wilderness drama their personal success or defeat.

"Buffalo Hunters" highlights the responsibility of the hunter through his respect for wildlife based on a deep knowledge and understanding of the fascinating cycles of the natural world. The hunt itself rather then the final shot, will become the most intense natural experience irrelevant to the hunters traditional background.

"Buffalo Hunters" lifts Big Game hunting onto a higher level, one that allows the viewer to be moved by experiences captured in the film. The passion to hunt, the love of nature and the importance of sustainability melt together to a unique adventure.

The production “Buffalo Hunters” started in July of 2010. All four parts (13 episodes) will be filmed by Juli 2012. “Buffalo Hunters” will be presented to a wider audience through DVD, downloads and as a 13-part TV series in various countries around the world.
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Launch: February 2011
Running time: approx. 96 minutes
Languages: D / E

Partner: Sauer, Swarovski, Krieghoff
Outfitter: Wild Africa

Part 1 - The Mountain Challenge

Hunting Cape Buffalo in the mountain forests of northern Tanzania is not a stroll in the park for a coveted trophy but a true challenge to the physical and mental limitations of a hunter.

The film accompanies three international hunters, who begin their hunt for the Cape Buffalo with three different expectations. The viewer will be captivated by the hunters' adventures in this defiant and at times unforgiving environment.

The film will closely follow these three hunters as their experiences unfold and the viewer will become an eye-witness to these authentic adventures.


Shooting Date: June / July 2012
Launch: December 2012
Running time: approx. 90 minutes

Partners: Krieghoff, Sauer, Swarovski
Outfitter: Australian Buffalo Hunters - Graham Williams

Part 2 - Water Buffalo Australia

The story of the water buffalo is told from the point of view of an experienced Cape Buffalo hunter (Rainer Jösch). How do these buffalos compare? Viewers are surprised by the intensity of the hunting scences even though water buffalo hunting is considered easy, perhaps wrongly, by some. This movie will also captivate viewers through it's beathtaking and spectacular nature and wildlife shots.


Shooting Date: Oct 2013
Launch:  Jan 2014
Running time: approx. 90 minutes

Partners: Krieghoff, Mauser, Swarovski
Outfitter: Tanzania Adventure Company

Part 3 - Selous

The Selous GR (Game Reserve) provides some of the most fascinating backdrops imaginable for a classic buffalo hunt. It is the biggest GR in Africa, it contains the biggest population of BIG GAME in the world! There is no other place where you can still experience the "old Africa" with daily encounters of dangerous game. Several hunting friends sharing their buffalo hunting experiences as the safari unfold provides a unique dynamic for this authentic adventure. The TV series will start with this "Selous buffalo hunt".


Shooting Date: Feb-Apr 2014
Launch:  July 2014
Running time: approx. 100 minutes

Partners: Krieghoff, Mauser, Swarovski
Outfitter: Mayo Oldiri Safaris

Part 4 - Cameroon

The first part of this movie will focus on the savannah buffalo in the Northern Cameroon. Beside powerful nature, wildlife and hunting scenes the film will focus on this sub-species of buffalo which sits somewhere between cape and forest buffalo.
The rain forest environment, the pygmy people and the difficult and extremely challenging hunt for the forest buffalo will merge together to evoke an adventure which will span the two final episodes.


Launch: 2007
Running time: 61 minutes
Languages: E / D / F / ESP / DK

Outfitter: Wild Africa

Mountain Buffalo

This impressive documentary guides you through pristine mountain forest areas in Northern Tanzania and shows you hunting in it's original and intense form.
The hunter becomes one with nature as he follows the tracks of the cape buffalo in this fascinating habitat. Enjoy the experience of true wilderness hunting in Tanzania!